Pastor Tim with Pumba (the inspiration for Pumba's Ponderings)
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Tim Bauer
Transitional/Interim Pastor.
The woods, wetlands, and soil of southeastern Minnesota provided the organic foundation for my life. By being connected to family, friends, and farm, roots were established that continue to nourish my life. Many miles and many decades later, I continue to enjoy each day wrapped in relationships with God and others while savoring the creation.
I was raised in the Christian faith and Lutheran traditions by committed adults and a few engaging pastors. My original intent was to pursue a vocation in medicine influenced by my mother's work as an RN. However, after many bumps and detours I graduated from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, with the simple goal of being a rural pastor.
I have generally served rural congregations, along with healthcare and addiction centers in my almost 37 years of ordained ministry. The decades have provided discoveries, despair, and unforeseen personal and spiritual growth. My current pastoral care focus and satisfaction is being in relationship with congregations that are going through transitions. Transitions and the organic matter in which they find root are rich with discoveries, insights, and growth for everyone involved.
I also find pleasure and meaning by being a race director for Extreme North Dakota racing (, providing freelance pastoral care (weddings, funerals, in-home faith development), training others in the dynamics of group/family relationship (transitions, conflicts, renewal), and by being active in hiking (North Country Trail - Dakota Prairie Chapter), gravel road biking, and endurance events.
I have been married for almost 37 years and cherish relationships with our adult children.

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