1885 - Present

Plymouth Congregational Church

 1885 - Founded as Plymouth Chapel because the founders had ties to the Puritans and Pilgrims that came to Massachusetts and established the Congregational Church

1931 - Stressing Congregational freedom and continuing reformation the Congregational and Christian Churches united to form the Congregational Christian Churches

1934 - The German Reformed and the Evangelical Synod, stressing liberty of conscious and authority of the Scriptures, as well as their common German heritage, united to form the Evangelical and Reformed Churches

1957 - Cleveland, Ohio, the Evangelical and Reformed Church, 23 years old, passionate in its impulse to unity, committed to "liberty of conscience inherent in the Gospel," and the Congregational Christian Churches, 26 years old, a fellowship of biblical people under a mutual covenant for responsible freedom in Christ, joined together as the United Church of Christ.

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Plymouth Congregational Church

901 Broadway N

Fargo, ND 58102

Phone: 701-235-9226

Office Hours: M-W-F 10:00 am  - 2:00 pm

Email: plymouthfargo2@gmail.com

Or stop by any Sunday and say 'Hi'.

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